US deploys high tech radars to monitor North Korea : Headlines : Headlines & Global News –

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US deploys high tech radars to monitor North Korea : Headlines : Headlines & Global News –

The United States high tech SBX radar has left the Hawaii on Monday to monitor the ICBM testing of North Korea. Few details of this report are discussed below.

The tension between the United States of America and North Korea is always on the higher side and the tension may rise more after the newly elected president Donald Trump joins the office. Previously, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has sent several threats to the United States and he has also stated that the North Korean missiles are good enough to destroy the USA.

In recent times, North Korea is exercising some ballistic missiles tests. Therefore, a high-tech sea-based US military radar has left the Hawai in order to monitor the North Korean missile activities.

Different official sources have confirmed that the SBX radar system has left Hawaii on Monday. It is expected that the sea-based radar system will reach its destination at the end of January which is almost 2000 miles far from Hawaii.

This is a very advanced radar system and this system has enough intelligence to detect the missiles which can be harmful. At the same time, it can detect those missiles which can’t be considered as a reason of threat. If the system finds any missile as a threatening one then it will immediately intercept that missile. On the other hand, if it is not so threatening then it will not intercept.

The North Korean ICBM can be a bit dangerous to some of the countries and the United states are also included in the list. Though North Korea has started to test the full strength of this ballistic missile but the recently elected president Donald Trump has tweeted that “It won’t happen”.

Though the SFX currently not in any kind of dangerous position to intercept the ICBM. But it has been told that details about different specifications won’t be shared when the mission is under action.  

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