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Russia on Trump: No Compromising Material! : Politics : Headlines & Global News –

President-elect Donald Trump speaks at a news cenference at Trump Tower on January 11, 2017 in New York City. This is Trump’s first official news conference since the November elections.

Trump and Russia have both hit out at claims in intelligence records, the Kremlin has denied claims on having compromising material on the American president-elect Donald Trump.

The Russian president’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that all the allegations were just to damage US – Russian relations and it is just ‘Pulp Fiction.’

The unconfirmed claims say that the presidential campaign of Trump has over links to Russian officials. It is also said that Russia has information on Trump involving prostitutes, reported BBC News.

The president-elect has condemned the reports and took to social media tweeting that it was fake news and a total political witch hunt! He further criticized the news media and dismissed the reports that surfaced.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump stated at the New York news conference that it is a disgrace and it was the opponents who hired a spy to bring the report together. It was his first news conference after he won the election in November; he further stated that he believes it was Russia behind Cyber attacks at influencing the November election in his favor.

As for Russia they made it clear that they hold no compromising material on Trump, the dossier containing the allegations were compiled by a former Western intelligence official. It was believed that Russia holds material, which could be used to blackmail Trump in the future.

The FBI and other Intelligence Agencies have spent months trying to validate the allegations, and it was just last week that US had released a report saying that Russia ran a hacking campaign in order to influence the US presidential elections.

There are other reports that also claim to have a video evidence of Trump’s private life and his business interests. As US spy agencies state Russia was behind the hacking during the presidential campaign, Trump has been under pressure to be in accord with the findings. 



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