Miley Cyrus throws shade at Melania Trump : Trending News : Headlines & Global News –

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February 12, 2017
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Miley Cyrus throws shade at Melania Trump : Trending News : Headlines & Global News –

Miley Cyrus shares an old Melania Trump tweet


It’s true that a lot of people are not happy about the recent US Presidential election result. One of them is singer-actress Miley Cyrus.

Miley’s recent Twitter post, where she shared a screenshot of an old tweet by soon to be First Lady Melania Trump, has left the fans asking – is Miley throwing shades at Melania?

Just Jared stated that the “BB Talk” singer has recently shared a 2013 tweet from Melania Trump in which the latter posted a photo and mentioned listening to “Wrecking Ball” on her car radio.

The tweet was captioned “Listening #wreckinball @mileycyrus #earlymorning,” with a heart emoji.

What is the reason behind Miley sharing a 3-year-old tweet about herself by Melania?

Followers have commented with statements like, “I’m crying, what a shady queen you’re,” and “Miley is queen. Miley ended her” in both the new and old tweets.

Mirror said that Miley Cyrus has previously announced that if Donald Trump wins the election, she will leave the country. When he did, the singer then tweeted a video message in which she was seen crying over the result.

In the video, she expressed how much she wanted Hillary Clinton to win and thanked Barack Obama and Hillary for their services to the country. Miley further said that she accepted Trump as the new POTUS.

She requested Trump to “treat people with love, compassion, and respect” and she will do the same for him during his term. She hopes that Trump will ascend to his responsibilities properly.

Miley had been an outspoken supporter of both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Even if Miley Cyrus “accepts” Trump, it surely doesn’t mean that she was happy about the outcome. With the old screenshot tweet, people are speculating that she is shadowing Donald Trump’s wife Melania on Twitter. 

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