Justin Bieber Chugs Beer and Parties in Celebration of Law Breaking : Trending News : Headlines & Global News – TrumpLatest.com

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February 19, 2017
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Justin Bieber Chugs Beer and Parties in Celebration of Law Breaking : Trending News : Headlines & Global News – TrumpLatest.com

Justin Bieber ordered by the court to compensate after being sued by the audience for breach of contract

Justin Bieber is always being filed for lawsuits and recently indie singer Casey Dienel, claimed the Biebs stole her lyrics for his hit; Sorry. And Casey does not look like she’s dropping the lawsuit anytime soon.


A deposition was scheduled on February 8th and Bieber was supposed to attend it, but apparently the 22 year old had more ‘important’ things in mind when his lawyer emailed the Santa Monica stating the musician was sick.


Although that would be taken in consideration if the singer hadn’t hit a nightclub hours after his alleged “sickness”! And as always videos and pictures were released on the internet of the prankster chugging down drinks and beers with friends!


The atmosphere of the club was rowdy and Super Duper Kyle was seen partying with JB. Justin himself was not shy to show his approximately 78 million followers what a good time he was having. He captured a couple of snaps at a house party too.


Of course Dienel’s lawyers were not happy over this snub. Casey holds a strong claim of the hitmaker stealing lyrics from her song: Ring the Bell that was released in 2014. But it appears as if she’ll be getting and even stronger hold of the matter if Bieber keeps up this nonchalant behavior.


DailyMail¬†reports that Dienel’s lawyers are currently demanding the star to be sanctioned. They even issued documents stating that “Justin Bieber is not better or above the law”.


They continued with more statements saying that the popstar was aware of the deposition’s timing and failed to make an appearance under false pretenses. But as always Justin manages to get second chances without further ado.


He also appears to not really care about serious court matters for if anyone has lawyers as powerful as Justin Bieber, they’d never even step in a courtroom. A second deposition date has been set in Tennessee, Nashville and it orders the carefree popstar to attend it in person.


Justin seemed to have created a lot of confusion and trouble for the lawyers as a legal team had jetted in from Boston to Cali for this specific deposition. Not just that but months of preplanning and preparation was made.


Maybe next time any major and important legal team should wait for the last minute and see if the popstar needs a break. Maybe he needs to dine out or Netflix and Chill? He seems to have more important things on his mind.

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