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George Michael: An Extremely Generous Man : Leisure : Headlines & Global News –

George Michael helped many people

Many facets of the life of George Michael were made public and there was a lot of sensationalism about it, but there is an unknown side. George Michael supported many people and institutions with his money. As the world mourns the death of the great singer, we already know that George Michael was an extremely kind man that helped unknown people, children, homeless, people with disabilities and more.

George Michael donated £15k for a woman’s IVF treatment

Richard Osman, a UK television presenter and producer, reported that a woman on ‘Deal Or No Deal’ declared that she needed £15k for IVF treatment. The next day, George Michael secretly phoned her and gave her that sum of money.

A couple received £9,000 and a charity in Kenya got £91,000 

There is a BBC story from 2008 about a couple who received £9,000 from an unknown benefactor. Another story says the same unknown benefactor gave £91,000 as a donation to a charity that helps AIDS orphans in Kenya. 

George Michael was kind with nurses

Sali Hughes, a writer for the Guardian, wrote long time ago about a celeb who tipped a barmaid with £5k because she was a student nurse in debt. That celeb was George Michael. We have to add that the great singer played a free Christmas concert for NHS nurses because they took care of his mother Lesley, who died of cancer in 1997.

He supported the LGBTQ community, the homeless and children

George Michael supported the LGBTQ community, besides, actor and activist Emilyne Mondo described the way he would help out in a homeless shelter without calling the attention. The founder of the charity Childline revealed that George Michael had donated millions over the years.

George Michael supported people with disabilities

The great singer also donated money to his Platinum Trust, this way, George Michael helped people with disabilities, people who had special educational needs. 

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