Fireball UFO sightings occur in Austin, Nevada : Leisure : Headlines & Global News –

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February 14, 2017
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February 14, 2017
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Fireball UFO sightings occur in Austin, Nevada : Leisure : Headlines & Global News –

There has been an increase of UFO activity

There has been an increase in fireball UFO sightings in North America, according to Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center. The most recent surge of these fireball UFO sightings occurred at the end of November and continued through the first two weeks of December.

Fireball is a type of UFO that emits bright light that either obscures the craft being witnessed, or represents something completely new, and fairly bizarre. Most times, these sightings include initial confusion with natural phenomena like shooting stars. 

Fireball UFO at Austin, Nevada

An example of this took place outside of Austin, Nevada. A man radioed his wife and said: “Quick, look in front of us at that shooting…” He didn’t finish his sentence and it began to slow down without fading. Then, it came to a stop, pulsated or barely flashed and then another one appeared to the right of the original object. A second later, a third one appeared and there were three of them in a line, almost like Orion’s Belt.

About a second or two after the appearance of the third light, the first one disappeared, then the second one. The third one made a maneuver towards where the original light was and disappeared too.

Austin, Nevada, is located almost directly east of Reno. That gives weight to this report as worthy of a second look, as many sightings near military and defense research locations could be easily explained with current technology. 

It is possible that this is a type of technology that belongs to the military. But what are these fireball UFO sightings, and how do they fit with what is known are questions the until now long for answer.


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