Farmer Finds UFO-shape Stone In China, Rejects $14,000 Bid : Leisure : Headlines & Global News –

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Farmer Finds UFO-shape Stone In China, Rejects $14,000 Bid : Leisure : Headlines & Global News –

Is a stone with the shape of an UFO just a coincidence?

Xia Changjun, a farmer from China, found a massive stone with the shape of a UFO. Discovered in a cave, the stone has many holes and it is on display in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. 

Xia Changjun rejected a $14,000 offer to buy the UFO-shaped stone. Xia discovered the stone while he was driving along the village. He dug with an iron shovel and to his great surprise, he found that the visible part of the stone was only a small fraction of the huge rock. The body was buried and it was much bigger than previously thought. It has three layers.

Is the UFO-shaped stone a masterpiece of an ancient civilization?  

The weight of the rock is about 6 tons. It has the shape of an irregular oval, resembling an unknown flying object. Its length is 2.8 meters, its width is 2 meters and its height is 1.6 meters. The stone has three layers, the bottom layer is composed of pillars of various sizes. The middle layer is composed of seven holes, through those holes you can see to the other side. The top layer creates a big platform, where five piers stand on one side. 

Wang Qingxiang, an expert who has studied the local culture for more than two decades, was confused about the UFO-shaped stone and asked if this was a masterpiece of the ancient ancestors or an amazing work of nature.

The expert found that the stone is basalt, which means that the stone has a very long history. Wang Qingxiang speculated that if the stone was made by humans a long time ago, it might be made to be used as an altar. 

As the stone was too big and heavy, Xia Changjun had to use a crane to take it home.



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