Apple Speaks Out Against President Donald Trump’s Policies : News : Headlines & Global News –

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Apple Speaks Out Against President Donald Trump’s Policies : News : Headlines & Global News –

US President Donald Trump has indicated possible changes to the country’s immigration policies, and these are expected to make a massive impact on the US tech industry

Apple takes a strong stance as they speak out against Trump’s rolling back of trans bathroom protection. It turns out that the tech giant speaks out against the president’s policies, they clear admit as they disagree with any effort to limit or withdraw their rights and protectors.  

According to Apple they believe that everyone deserves the chance to thrive in an environment free from discrimination. The company slammed the decision of Donald Trump and they strongly support Barrack Obama’s guidelines, During Obama’s era transgender students were given the right to use public school restrooms that match their gender identity as per Tech Gig.

The company made a statement saying that they support efforts towards greater acceptance, and they believe that transgender students must be treated as equals. The Trump administration revoked federal guidelines that specify the freedom of transgender students.

The Department of Education and the Department of Justice told the US Supreme court to “disregard memos” on transgender student rights. These have been withdrawn because officials said the term “sex” is open to legal interpretation.

The Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said that this was an issue best solved at the state and local level. Apple previously spoke out against Trump’s travel ban by joining the other tech companies. In 2015 it opposed North Carolina’s bathroom bill and other states that have attempted to pass laws limiting LGBTQ rights.

The letter from Trump’s administration regarding the issue will go to the nation’s public schools. However, it does not offer any new guidance instead the earlier instruction will be withdrawn due to lack of extensive legal analysis. The administration further admitted that it will not rely on prior explanation of the law in the future. After the policy was passed a 17 year old trans gender male was banned from using the boys restroom by the Gloucester County School Board.



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