Apple iPhone 8: Tipped to Feature ‘Revolutionary’ 3-D Front Camera, Infrared Module For Many Apps : Tech : Headlines & Global News –

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February 22, 2017
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Apple iPhone 8: Tipped to Feature ‘Revolutionary’ 3-D Front Camera, Infrared Module For Many Apps : Tech : Headlines & Global News –

By Rida Feb 22, 2017 09:28 AM EST

The Apple logo is displayed on an iPhone 6 on July 21, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Apple reported a 38 percent surge in third quarter earnings with a profit of $10.7 billion compared to $7.74 billion one year ago. The quarterly earnings were boosted by strong demand for the latest iPhones.


Apple Inc. might be planning the best and innovative iPhone for its enthusiasts. A new report claims that the iPhone 8 will have a major upgrade in the front camera which will have the ability to sense the 3D space in front of it. As per the top Apple analyst KGI Ming-Chi Kuo, the OLED iPhone will be incorporated with a ‘revolutionary’ front camera and Infrared module.


According to 9to5mac report, noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the new components- revolutionary’ front camera and the Infrared module will be able to merge the depth information with the 2D images for applications including face recognition, iris recognition, and 3D selfies. This information will be in-turn helpful in augmented reality.


This new innovative technique is explained by considering an example of gamer. It will work in such a way that the front camera will capture the player’s photo, converts into a 3D head of the user and finally replaces the game character with the gamers face. Also, analyst says that the combination of front camera and the 3D sensor will make the iPhone generate a 3D selfie and can be used in the augmented reality.


It is reported that the hardware will use algorithms developed by PrimeSense for what the sensor will detect in terms of location and depth of objects. PrimeSense is the company acquired by Apple in 2013.


The company has first introduced depth detection in the iPhone 7 Plus. The phone is incorporated with two cameras at the back which determines the distance of the object captured by the lens. And it is believed that this stage was early stages of developing such an innovative technology.


It is reported that 3D sensing of the front camera would be done by more advanced infrared transmitter and receiver. Also, the report indicates that the front camera will be produced by Sony and the IR receiver will be manufactured by Foxconn/Sharp.


9to5mac cites KGI says that the Infrared transmitter will use vertical-cavity-surface-emitting-laser technology from Lumentum. This innovative system will work by sending invisible IR light signals outwards from the device and then detect the signals that bounce back off of objects using the 1.4 megapixel IR receiver.


Analyst hints that Apple is way far from Android in terms of 3D algorithms and this unique system will set Apple device apart and may lead it for more couple of year. However, Apple Inc. has neither denied nor confirmed the above-mentioned information. Stay tuned for more updates.



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